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Sewer overflows are one of the worst plumbing problems in Australia. Aside from environmental and public health hazards, a sewer overflow has the potential to cause enormous structural damage to your property.

A blocked sewer line is the primary cause of overflows in the country. In most cases, blocked sewers occur due to cracks or leaks at the joint area of earthenware pipes that allow the entry of tree roots. Early detection of a blocked drain is essential in minimising the risks. Here are some of the early signs of a blocked drain:

  • Drains are making gurgling sounds
  • Sinks are draining very slowly
  • Foul odours within your property
  • Pooling water around an area near your drains

Need a long-term solution to root intrusion problems? At Plumber Wahroonga, we endorse a trenchless method in rehabilitating sewer pipes called pipe relining. Unlike traditional methods of pipe repair, pipe relining does not require deep excavations resulting to significant cost reductions and less disruption.

Below are detailed information on the advantages of pipe relining:

    ✔ No need for digging – An existing access point is only required in pipe relining. Deep excavations could mean ruining your landscaping, driveways and even your basement floors.

    ✔ Cost-effective method – A ‘no dig’ solution means increased savings from additional manpower and equipment for digging up the damaged sewer pipes. You don’t need to worry about the cost for restoring your landscaping as well.

    ✔ Quick procedure – A pipe relining job can be completed in a few hours leading to less disruption to your business or home.

    ✔ Tough and long-lasting liners – Pipe relining can extend the service of your sewer pipes by up to 50 years! Maintenance is not required due to the durability of the liner.

    ✔ Tree root protection – Relined pipes are joint-free eliminating the vulnerabilities to root infiltration.

Pipe relining can be done in the following stages:

A. Preparing the sewer line – Initial cleaning of the sewer line might be performed using a hydro-jet system to promote clear inspection with a CCTV drain camera. Video inspection is necessary to identify and locate the problems within the sewer line. High pressure water blasting will be conducted again to remove any debris that could impair the installation of the liner.
B. Liner preparation – A resin mixture is prepared based on the acquired measurements. Then, it will be poured into a felt tube made of polyester and fibreglass cloth. The resin mixture must be completely impregnated into the felt tube.

C. Inversion – The resin-saturated felt tube is loaded into a machine called an air inverter. Using air pressure, the liner is blown inside out on to the damaged pipe. Depending on the size of the pipe, hot water or steam may be required during the curing process.

D. Evaluation – The quality of the pipe relining job will be evaluated using the CCTV drain camera.

Trenchless pipe relining offers a lot of promise when rehabilitating your sewer pipes. Call us now on 0411 118 152 for an expert advice.

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