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The innumerable benefits of pipe insulation

Insulation of pipes protects against loss of heat. At least this is one benefit that many people know about. However, the merits of insulating the hot water pipes in your house can also raise the temperature of the water about 40F more than pipes without insulation deliver. This translates to some more benefits; for starters you will not have to set the water temperature too high.


You might think that lower water temperature means that you have to wait for longer for the water to get hot. Fortunately, this is not true. Waiting for the hot water to arrive several minutes after the water starts running will be a thing of the past. Pipe insulation brings with it a chain of blessings. First, you will be able to conserve energy spent on heating water. The heat will not be lost instantly. Secondly, you will not be spending huge bucks paying water bills. No water will be wasted as you wait for the hot water to start running. During winter, cold water pipes are fond of freezing. However, if you have them insulated as well, you can forget about this happening.


Insulation of hot water pipes might be a bit too expensive if you view it as a separate project. The best time to do pipe insulation is when you are constructing the house or remodeling. It is less expensive then. It is possible to do the insulation on your own, though there are some cases when you might want to hire a plumber to work on those pipes. Here are some important things you must do before applying the insulation:


• Determine which material you want to use for the insulation


• How much of the insulator you will need- measure the length of the pipes


• Clean the pipes freeing it of rust and dirt


Once you have done these you can go ahead and apply the insulation and watch yourself save some money.