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Installing Water Filtration System

Step 1- Choosing a Filtration System


You should have the water system tested to know the system that will work best. This is done by a local utility board. Types of filtration system that you can choose from include point of entry water filter, point of use water filter and whole house cartridge filter.


Step 2- Shutting off the Water Supply


You should find out where the water is coming from the outside into the house and sometimes it comes with a basement. Shut off the supply of water into the house and water heater, then drain the inside and outside water left in the pipes.


Step 3- building two setups


You need a nipple, a bushing; a compression male adaptor and a ball valve create the two fittings


Step 4- Screwing the fittings into each outlet


When you have completed the two fittings, screw them on the filter head into each outlet.


Step 5- Removing the Filter’s Bottom Canister


You should remove the filter’s bottom canister portion before figuring out where to cut water lines and attaching the filter.


Step 6- Cutting the pipe


Before cutting the pipe, first check with an electrician to make sure if it is safe to cut them, especially if there are wires along the pipes. Find out the best installation point and cut with a mini pipe cutter.


Step 7- positioning the T


This is done by cleaning and prepping a copper T and the 2 pipe stubs into position.


Step 8- Cutting the Pipe and Removing Burrs


You need to make two cuts to remove the pipe after marking bypass and loop spots and then remove burrs from a copper T, the cut pipe section, two pipe stubs and ball valve both ends.


Step 9- completing the Bypass Loop-


This is done by fluxing and cleaning a ninety degree elbow and the pipe measured section.


Step 10- Marking the Installation Points


You can use the filter head to mark.


Step 11- Slipping the assembly into place


Make sure you firmly tighten the compression nuts.


Step 12- removing the O ring and Filter and Check for Leaks


This is done to make sure there are no leaks and checking for damage.