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Tips for Fix Smelly Drains

Now these days most house owners will at some point have to deal with smelly pipes. When a drain gives a nasty smell, it can be a nauseating experience and it can entice annoying fruit flies. When you find yourself with a stinky drain, it is important to examine the drain trap to make sure that the cause of the smell is not an issue with the pipe joints. If there is no issue with the water system that will need the solutions of an experienced water system technician, there are a number of actions you can take to fix stinky drains.


1. The first step you can take to remove the foul fragrance coming from the strain is to add 3 glasses of white vinegar down the strain. Let the vinegar sit in the strain for a few hours. Then, run hot water through the drain to clear out any natural matter resulting in the unpleasant fragrance. Your strain and pipe joints will be fresh and fragrance free. The white-colored vinegar fragrance will gradually go away.


2. Baking soda is a safe product to use to get rid of bad scents in the drain. Pour about a cup of cooking soft drinks down the strain. You can also add therapy to create a chemical response that smashes up the natural matter in the drain. Let the therapy sit overnight. In the morning, run hot water through the water system to get rid of the material and fresh out the pipe joints and strain. The result is a fresh fragrance.


3. A mixture of fresh freshly squeezed orange juice and salt is another effective method of getting rid of smelly drains. Pour the fresh freshly squeezed orange juice and sodium down the drain. A freshly squeezed orange is the ideal choice. Let it sit in the drain for a few hours followed by running hot water down the strain. The orange fragrance will neutralize all of the bad odours, and leave a fresh orange fragrance.


To maintain clean and smell free pipe joints, you should cleanse the strain once a week with 1 cup of therapy or fresh freshly squeezed orange fruit juice. It is worth noting that there are commercial items available containing substances to get rid of bad scents and the buildup of matter in the strain. These items can be harmful to children and animals. It is much healthier to use natural strain cleaning methods and it can often be much less expensive.


Stinky drains are grossed and can distribute throughout the whole house. The best way to avoid smelly drains is to look at excellent strain servicing methods. Eliminating the drains once per week and making sure that food and other items that should not go down a strain are kept out of the strain to avoid virus developers are excellent methods to look at because it will keep your house smell clean. If you have a smelly strain that cannot be settled, it is important to solicit the services of an experienced water system technician as the cause of the smell could be the result of a serious problem with the water system.