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Things You Should Know About Drain Screens

Drain screens are devices installed at the top portion of a drain to keep debris from passing through. These additions to your plumbing, made out of various materials like plastic, rubber, or metal, are inexpensive and effective ways to prevent clogging.

Regardless of how they are designed and the materials they are made of, many screens function the same way. Generally, they consist of a basket or mesh-type design which permits the flow of water down the drain, while stopping large debris from making their way through. All captured debris can then be taken out and discarded as needed.

Several common plumbing issues, like slow-draining and clogged pipes, are attributed to hair and other debris being present in the trap. This trap, also called a P-trap, is a segment of pipe below the drain. Its curve keeps some water, which will serve as a barrier to keep odours from making their way to the building.

Along with keeping some water in the trap, the curve also traps debris and other things dropped there. Once a drain gets clogged, you may need to use mechanical tools like a plunger or auger or chemical drain openers like hydrochloric acid to dislodge and remove the blockage. Just remember to exercise safety if you have considered using any type of cleaner and ensure that you use it correctly. This way, you prevent damage to yourself and your plumbing.

If no tool or chemical drain cleaner works, or if the plumbing in your home is damaged by blockage or clogs, you need to call a professional plumber to sort the problem out for you. The services of professional plumbers often cost a good sum of money, and to prevent the need to call one, many have drain screens installed in their sinks.

One can get drain screens from the plumbing sections of home improvement shops. They are also known as hair catchers, drain filters, and drain strainers. Upon having purchased them, you can then set these up by having the screen placed above the drain opening. To clean them of debris, just remove them and toss out all of the debris down the rubbish bin.

Drain screens are important parts of the plumbing system of your home due to their ability to prevent clogs in drains. Although most drains have their own screens, there are others that do not. When buying drain screens, make sure that it fits the drain you want to place it on.