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A good plumber blocked drains

One major challenge that makes many plumbers uncomfortable is a blocked drain. When faced with such a problem, you should avoid those plumbers who will just use guess in draining them. You need a plumber who will be able see exactly what is the problem in the inner part. The sole solution to this is by having a camera. Basically, a drain camera is embedded on the inside of the drain pipe with ability to provide a live video of all that is happening on the inside of the drainage system.


Once the core problem has been identified, the plumber can now use his expertise to unblock the blocked drain. The most efficient manner to do away with all the blockage material is by use of a jetting machine. This machine exerts a lot of pressure on your pipe to clear the whole thing. The best plumber is the one who comes with all his assets on the first visit. On the same day, he will be able to turn your drainage system to its normal working position.


A plumber might use either an electric eel or a high pressure water jet. The first one is said to be abrasive to the inner parts of the pipe. Commonly referred to as drain snake, it works by spinning its cable inside the blocked pipe. This in turn rubs against the drainage making it unblock. However, caution needs to be exercised as during the process, the pipe might develop cracks or even worse, punch a hole through the pipe. The later one, the water Jetter is associated with much more safety. It only uses water at a very high speed that creates enough pressure to push the item blocking the system. This mechanism is also good at speed. The plumber will be able to see the cause of the problem and deal with it within a very short period.


When faced with a blocked drain, look for a plumber who will work with the highest speed while leaving your pipes secure.