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Effective Tips for Unclogging Toilet Drains

One problem that every homeowner will encounter sooner or later is the clogging of drains. One area of the house that experiences this matter is the bathroom, as the drainage system for the toilet is a common problem within so many households. Here are some useful tips on the task of Unclogging Toilet Drains that are quite helpful in resolving this type of plumbing situation.


Start by using a pair of rubber gloves to provide protection from bacteria and germs. Another important part of this project will be to protect the flooring of this room by placing down some old newspaper in case of an overflow of water. Turn off the supply of water from a faucet knob that is unusually under the or behind the toilet. Provide the room with plenty of fresh air by opening the window to allow the toxic fumes to leave the bathroom.


One tip to help unclog the toilet is through the use of hot water and a mixture of dish soap. Pour one bucket of this substance into the bowl of the toilet and allow it to remain there for several minutes. This shall help to soften up any matter that is creating the clogging of the toilet. If there is no improvement with this idea, then you will want to use a plunger. It will be important to use only a heavy duty rubber plunger so to have plenty of force that will unclog the toilet bowl. In some cases, you may need to pour hot water into the bowl and continue to use the plunger, as this will help to loosen any matter and unclog the toilet bowl.


If the problem still exists, then you will want to use a plumbing snake, as this is another good tip that is quite effective in removing hard objects that is clogging the toilet. Just insert the snake into the bowl and turn and twist until the obstruction is gone and water begins to flow. These are some fine and efficient tips on Unclogging Toilet Drains that will work and restore the bathroom with a toilet that is functioning properly.