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Blocked Drains

Blocked drain repairs Wahroonga After the last downfall of rain, Carla noticed the water sat in the courtyard for about […]

Hot Water

Hot water repairs Wahroonga Although it was summer, Jack just wanted a hot shower. It had been two weeks, but […]

Emergency Plumbing

Emergency plumbing in Wahroonga Ava pulled into the driveway, mindful of the letterbox, which always seemed to get that little […]

Pipe Relining

Plumber Wahroonga Pipe Relining Sewer overflows are one of the worst plumbing problems in Australia. Aside from environmental and public […]

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Pipe relining services and other sewer system maintenance work
Fitting new showerheads and tapware
Setting up your rainwater tank for you and servicing it when required
Any drainage issues, such as clogged sinks and blocked toilets
Gas line maintenance/conversions to LPG
Fixing leaks and damage to pipes
Replacing faulty hot water systems

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Some story happened in Plumber Wahroonga

Stephen had finally had enough of the huge puddles left over after rain storms. He needed a solution, and he needed it now. He booked in an appointment with his local Wahroonga Plumber, and was bursting at the seams to get an answer by the time the Plumber was ringing his doorbell.

The problem was with his guttering. There needed to be a downpipe near his back door. Instead there was old guttering that overflowed and leaked and poured water into his courtyard, flooding the paved area that always took days to dry out again. The Plumber agreed this was a problem, and easily repairable. After figuring out where the stormwater line was, his local Plumber got up and had a proper look at the guttering.

Together, they formed a plan. A section of the courtyard would have to be dug up so that a new branch for the stormwater line could be put in. A grate could also be installed to help drain water off the courtyard pavement as at the moment it had nowhere to go, and a new downpipe would also be installed and secured to the side of the house.

This was exactly what Stephen wanted to hear! He knew his Plumber would do a fantastic job, so he agreed and urged for it to be done straight away! Every obliging, the Wahroonga Plumber got to work. By the time he was done the next day there were already rain clouds gathering. As good a time as any to test the work, they both agreed. No sooner than the Plumber had finished cleaning off the pavement, then the first downpour started. And low and behold, the newly installed guttering and drain worked!

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